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Tutor10x BYOL empowers students to ready their own devices with essential tools for tech education, streamlining costs and enhancing practical learning.

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All students need to use tools during their tutorials—there's no question about that. But what's the best solution? Setting up traditional virtual labs? Let's explore why this approach often falls short.

Why Traditional Virtual Labs
 Fall Short ? 

High Cost and Restricted Licensing

Traditional platforms often require expensive, per-student licensing fees that escalate costs for educational institutions.

Limited Practical Engagement

Many conventional lab providers offer structured environments that may not fully replicate the real-world scenarios students will face in the workforce.

Rigid and Resource-Heavy Maintenance

Platforms like Edulab.com.au often require substantial institutional resources for setup and maintenance, which can divert focus from core educational objectives.

Let's Innovative the Tech Education with BYOD Labs​

We aim to transform your classrooms to look like this

They Brought their own device They setup their own labs Time to start your tutorial class ! 

Students are ready to go & enjoy the benefits 

Rapid CV Enhancements

Students can build a standout resume by studying the same course but mastering multiple industry-relevant tools through BYOL. The diverse technical skills they acquire not only demonstrate their versatility but also increase their attractiveness to potential employers across various tech sectors.

Learn one Skill using multiple Tools  

Whether you’re learning MySQL or another subject, access various tools like MySQL Workbench, DBeaver, and more, enhancing your adaptability and proficiency in real-world applications. Comparing different tools allow students to understand more about the platform independently from any vendors. 

Permanent Lab Access

Students can continue refining their skills even after your course ends. Since the labs are set up on their own laptop, they retain lifelong access to these environments, allowing for ongoing learning and practice at your convenience.

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Key Benefits

Benefits for University

Cost-Effective Resources

Universities can avoid the expense and effort of building their own labs by leveraging existing student promotions from vendors like PyCharm, accessing tools directly.​

Simplified Access for Students

The process for students to benefit from these resources is straightforward—learn about the promotions, follow tutorials, and manage the tools independently.​

Easy Implementation

Tutorials and enrollment manuals, complete with coupon or referral codes, can be seamlessly integrated into the university's LMS.​

Ongoing Support and Flexibility

With support from Tutor10x, universities can request the addition of new tools to courses at no extra cost, offering flexibility to customise and enhance their lab environments.

Benefits for Students

Knowledge Retention

Students retain their knowledge and work beyond the semester, ensuring continuous learning and development.

Industry-Relevant Tutorials

Tutorials mimic real-world industry scenarios, boosting confidence and preparing students for potential onboarding tasks.

Access to Professional Tools

Students can activate and utilise professional tools worth thousands of dollars at no cost, including offerings like PyCharm Pro through student accounts

Abid Bin Morshed

Master of Enterprise Systems, FUA

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Sam Mann

Bachelor of Quantum Computing, UTS

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Patrick Korczak

Master of Information Technology, UTS

Learning by doing has always resonated with me – it’s how I retain knowledge best. Read more

Lakpa Tamang 

Bachelor of Information Systems, LIHE

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