The Tutor10X Contribution Wall 
A Mosaic of Support

G'day, and welcome to the heart of Tutor10X – our very own Contribution Wall. This isn't just any page; it's a living tapestry that weaves together the stories, faces, and moments that have shaped our journey. Inspired by the way GitHub celebrates contributions through a patchwork of activity, we wanted to create our own version that tells the tales beyond the code – the human element of Tutor10X.

Our Journey, Inspired by GitHub

Once upon a time, I stumbled upon the GitHub contributions page – a visual testament to collaboration and effort. It got me thinking about the myriad ways people have supported Tutor10X, from a kind word in tough times to the hands-on help that turned our ideas into reality. These contributions, though they might not always be visible in a repository, are the backbone of our success. This wall is our way of spotlighting those unsung heroes.

woman holding green leafed seedling

From Little Things, Big Things Grow

Wisdom from the Wise: Hats off to the seasoned professionals who've shared a yarn or two, guiding us through the maze of educational innovation. Hands from Helpers: A round of applause for the tireless souls who've pitched in, be it in coding our platform or brainstorming in the wee hours. Shoulders to Lean On: A big thanks to our mates – friends, family, and mentors – who've been our rock through every high and low. Sparks of Collaboration: Cheers to the unexpected partnerships that have broadened our horizons, teaching us that sometimes, the best ideas come from the most surprising places.

Meet Our Mates Here, we'd typically yarn about the legends who've made Tutor10X what it is. [Imagine photos, stories, and heartfelt thanks shared here, celebrating each unique contribution.]

Patrick Korczak, Full Stack Developer @ Avanade Sydney

Your generosity in lending us your camera was more than a simple gesture. Thank you ! As I've said before, and I'll say again, we eagerly anticipate the amazing endeavors you'll undertake in the future.

Man Yiu LEE,  ProducerProducer @ Fishburners Events

.invaluable support in guiding us through corporate video shooting, sharing his expertise with humility and providing fantastic feedback driven by genuine goodwill. Your insights have been a beacon for our journey.

Zulqarnain Abbas
Special Advisor to Senator @ Government of Pakistan

Zulqarnain, Thank you for your help and support in Tutor10x Initiative. We will never forget the introductions you arranged, Like a practical workshop on how to connect the dots during your visit to Australia. Your Government is lucky to have someone like you to provide amazing advise on strategic level.