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Welcome to the JRP Program, where educational consultants and agents can refer students to our innovative solutions and earn attractive incentives. By partnering with us, you'll help students enhance their learning experiences while benefiting from our generous rewards program.

Program Benefits

Why partner with us ? 

Enhance Student Success

Provide students with access to cutting-edge educational tools like Tutor10x Copilot, Auto Pilot, and BYOL. Our job ready program benefits from curriculum design and delivery by Australia's #1 Job Ready Program Trainer

Complimentary Access

Students receive free access to these premium labs and tools, which would cost educational institutions over 10k.

Earn Attractive Rewards

Receive bonuses and incentives for every successful student referral.

Comprehensive Support

Get marketing materials, training, and dedicated support to ensure your success as a partner.

Exclusive Benefits for Agents

Gain access to exclusive training and networking opportunities, and be a part of our future initiatives, including the Sydney School of AI. As an agent, you'll have the opportunity to play a key role in this groundbreaking project and benefit from the additional visibility and prestige it brings.

Why Other JRP Programs Failed


Some JRP providers make unrealistic promises, such as 100% job guarantees, which lead to disappointment and loss of trust. We are transparent about our offerings and emphasise that the success of the candidate depends on their own efforts.

Inefficient Content Delivery

Trainers often have a narrow experience, focusing only on generic roles like data analysis. Our trainers are industry professionals with expertise in specific areas such as BI analysis, database development, and cloud data specialisation, providing more relevant and practical insights.

High Costs

Many providers charge high fees, making it difficult for students to register, with prices reaching up to 10k. Our program is priced at an absolute minimum to ensure accessibility for all students.

Proof of Quality Guarantee

Our Quality Guarantee

We stand by the quality of our JRP Program, demonstrated by our partnership with Dr. Mohammad, a leading expert in the field. For proof, view Dr. Mohammad's CV and cover letter on LinkedIn and compare it to any other competitor's trainer. Our credentials speak for themselves.

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Our Educator's Track Record

Explore the legacy of success behind Tutor10x’s innovative teaching methodology, pioneered by Dr. Mohammad Motahar. Our approach has been embraced and applied across a diverse range of prestigious educational institutions:

This interactive, simulation-based learning approach has transformed technology classrooms across Australia, proving its effectiveness in real-world academic settings.

Disclaimer: While Dr. Mohammad Motahar developed and refined this teaching methodology during his tenure at these institutions, it is important to note that these universities are neither customers nor endorsers of Tutor10x. They provided the environment for the initial application and evolution of our methodology. The use of their names and logos on our website is solely to illustrate the application of our methodology and does not imply endorsement or partnership.

Students Feedback

Abid Bin Morshed

Master of Enterprise Systems, FUA

Interactive, step-by-step instructions make learning more effective. Read more

Sam Mann

Bachelor of Quantum Computing, UTS

The adaptability and real-time engagement of Tutor10x can redefine educational technology. Read more

Patrick Korczak

Master of Information Technology, UTS

Learning by doing has always resonated with me – it’s how I retain knowledge best. Read more

Lakpa Tamang 

Bachelor of Information Systems, LIHE

Interactive learning tools like Tutor10x are essential for effective education in the digital age. Read more

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Earn Rewards

Track your referrals and receive your incentives once your referred students successfully enrol in our programs.

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