Confidence in Our Quality: Our Satisfaction Guarantee

Our Satisfaction Guarantee is a key feature of Tutor10x Job Ready Program (JRP). It demonstrates our commitment to quality and effectiveness in education. 

  • Trust and Assurance: You can enroll with confidence, knowing our program is among the best.
  • ​Zero Risk: Compare our quality and offerings freely; we’re confident we’ll come out on top.

Unleash Your Potential with Dr. Mohammad’s Tutor10x Job Ready Programs

Step into the world of advanced learning with Dr. Mohammad Motahar, a distinguished professor and seasoned industry professional. In the Tutor10x Job Ready Program, Dr. Motahar blends over 25 years of professional experience with more than a decade of teaching to offer you:

  • Industry Insights: Gain real-world knowledge that goes beyond textbook theory.
  • Engaging Teaching Methods: Learn through interactive, student-centered teaching techniques that make complex topics clear and manageable.

This unique combination ensures an enriching educational experience tailored for both beginners and advancing learners alike. Dr. Motahar has:

  • Impacted Countless Careers: With over 25 years in the industry and more than 10 years in academia.
  • Inspired Large Audiences: Spoken to over 1,000 students, sharing knowledge and sparking inspiration across numerous lectures and seminars.

I am deeply committed to delivering the highest quality education through our Job Ready Program. My goal is to equip every international student with the skills and knowledge they need to excel in their careers. This guarantee is more than just a policy—it is my personal promise to you. Our program stands above others in delivering significant, measurable value. I encourage you to compare our program with others to see why we are the best choice for empowering your future success.

Introducing the Tutor10x Satisfaction Guarantee Policy!

Commitment to Excellence

Confidence in Program Quality


Are you ready to take your career to the next level? With the Tutor10x Satisfaction Guarantee Policy, Dr. Mohammad Motahar confidently stands behind the quality and superiority of his Job readiness programs. 

This unique policy offers you a compelling challenge: if you can find another professional in Australia with more comprehensive qualifications and a better track record in developing and coordinating job ready programs for international students, your enrollment in our prestigious program is absolutely free. 

This is our commitment to excellence and your career success!

Verify Qualifications

  1. Compare: The competing program must be based in Australia with similar educational objectives.
  2. Prove: Submit evidence (e.g., program details or syllabi) showcasing the competitor's superior offerings.
  3. Claim: Use our quick online claim form, providing your contact details and evidence.

Submit Request

Challenge and Win

Claims are reviewed within 30 days, and we are committed to providing a response promptly to ensure you can proceed with your educational journey confidently.

Enroll for Free

If your challenge is successful, we honor our guarantee by waiving the entire enrollment fee for Tutor10x Job Readiness Program. You will receive formal notification of your successful challenge and instructions on how to proceed with free enrollment. This is our commitment to ensuring the highest standards and transparency in the educational services we offer.