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Business Analyst - Job Ready Program
Transform businesses and drive change. Learn to analyze data, identify needs, and propose strategic solutions to enhance business operations and outcomes.
AU$ 3,400.00 3400.0 AUD
Introduction to MySQL Workbench: A Beginner’s Guide (PF)
This course is designed to equip beginners with the fundamental skills needed to effectively utilize MySQL Workbench for database management and development. Whether you're new to databases or transitioning from another platform, this course will provide you with a solid foundation in using MySQL Workbench to create, manage, and query databases.

Course Objectives
1. Understand the basic concepts of relational databases.
2. Learn to navigate and utilize the MySQL Workbench interface efficiently.
3. Create and manage databases, tables, and relationships using MySQL Workbench.
4. Perform basic and intermediate SQL queries within MySQL Workbench.
5. Gain familiarity with data modelling and visualization tools available in MySQL Workbench.
AU$ 500.00 500.0 AUD
Annual Access to Tutor10x Labs Tutorials (60% OFF)
Elevate your IT curriculum with unlimited access to our Lab Setup course. Students will master software installation and use on platforms like Python IDLE and Pycharm, and engage with tools like Tableau and Power BI. Ideal for institutions seeking to modernise their tech education efficiently and affordably.

Price is for Early Access
AU$ 4,200.00 4200.0 AUD per year