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About Tutor10x:

Tutor10x is revolutionizing the educational landscape through interactive, simulation-based learning. We are dedicated to transforming education and fostering a community of proactive learners. As a Tutor10x Student Ambassador, you will champion this revolutionary learning approach, connect with learners, and gain invaluable skills, all while being part of our mission to reshape learning.

Role Overview:

As a Tutor10x Student Ambassador, you will act as a leader and influencer within your educational community. Your primary mission is to promote Tutor10x's innovative learning solutions, thereby making a real difference in how your peers engage with education. This role is not just a title; it's an opportunity for personal, academic, and professional growth.

Excellent Communication Skills

Exceptional Leadership and Initiative

Outstanding Networking Abilities

Creative Problem-Solving


  • Advocate Tutor10x within your academic circle
  • Lead impactful Tutor10x workshops or meetups
  • Foster a supportive Tutor10x student network
  • Amplify Tutor10x's reach on social platforms
  • Offer feedback to refine Tutor10x's materials

Must have

  • Profound enthusiasm for learning and technology
  • Excellent communication skills to liaise effectively with diverse audiences
  • Exceptional leadership and initiative
  • Outstanding networking abilities within the university community

Nice to have

  • Reliability and responsibility in managing tasks and meeting deadlines
  •  Adaptability in the dynamic and evolving landscape of education technology. 

What's great in the job?

  • Enhance your skills and gain valuable experience for future endeavors.
  • Free access to select Tutor10x course materials.
  • Be part of a transformative education community.
  • Networking opportunities with like-minded students and educators.
  • Receive a certificate of recognition after your successful tenure.
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As a Tutor10x Student Ambassador, you'll embark on a commission-based voluntary journey, not tied to traditional employment, yet rich in opportunities for growth and influence. Your role involves championing Tutor10x's innovative learning solutions within your academic community, organizing impactful events, and fostering a supportive network. You'll also engage in social media advocacy to amplify Tutor10x's presence and provide valuable feedback to enhance the learning materials. While embracing this role, you'll receive commissions as per the structured terms, with the flexibility to opt-out of personal detail publication for promotional purposes.

Adhering to a professional code of conduct is paramount, aligning with Tutor10x's policies and ensuring a respectful and impactful ambassadorship. Participation in marketing campaigns and event attendance are integral parts of the role, with the understanding that these activities may be recorded for promotional use. For those interested, the affiliate program offers additional engagement opportunities, subject to specific eligibility criteria. As you navigate this role, staying informed about the latest terms and actively contributing to the Tutor10x community will be key to your success and the enrichment of the educational experience for all involved.