Monthly Author Meetup April 2024

Join Us for the Virtual Monthly Author Meetup

Welcome to the Virtual Monthly Author Meetup hosted by High Tech Masterminds! To join the meeting, please use the Team Meeting Link provided within the email. A member of our team will be online to welcome you as soon as you log in.

Our team at High Tech Masterminds cordially invites you to our Monthly Author Meetup. We invite our community, partners and end-users to come and meet us! This meetup serves as an opportunity for authors like yourself to connect, share insights, and collaborate on enhancing the Tutor10X experience. We believe that your valuable input can contribute significantly to the continuous improvement of our platform. We look forward to having engaging discussions and fostering a sense of community among our esteemed authors. It's the ideal event to get together and present new features, roadmap of future versions, and achievements.

Date & Time
Friday April 26, 2024
5:30 PM 6:30 PM (Australia/Sydney)

Tutor10x (Online)

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