Tutor10x and the Forgetting Curve: A Structured Approach to Enhancing Learning Retention

February 29, 2024 by
Tutor10x and the Forgetting Curve: A Structured Approach to Enhancing Learning Retention
Dr M. Motahar

Introduction: The forgetting curve presents a significant challenge in education, indicating how quickly students tend to forget information without proper reinforcement. Tutor10x's innovative approach, tailored for Australian universities and colleges, seeks to mitigate this through a structured review process. This approach ensures IT students not only grasp but retain and apply their knowledge effectively.

Understanding the Forgetting Curve: Hermann Ebbinghaus's forgetting curve illustrates the decline in memory retention over time. This concept underscores the importance of repeated engagement with learning material to combat memory loss.

Tutor10x's Strategic Review Stages:

Initial Learning: The journey begins with students observing and then learning the tasks while watching the step by step guides explained by the tutor. This hands-on experience is crucial for understanding the purpose of the exercise and also to receive guidance from the tutor about every step of the process and provide them the chance to ask questions if they have any during these steps. 

1st Review: Active Engagement

After the initial learning phase, students undertake the tutorials by themselves. This self-led review allows students to reinforce their understanding and confidence in applying the concepts, providing a first checkpoint against the forgetting curve.

2nd Review: Challenging Comprehension

Following the tutorials, Tutor10x introduces multiple-choice questions that challenge the students' comprehension and recall of the material. This stage may require learners to refer back to the tutorials, promoting active retrieval and further cementing their knowledge—a key step in solidifying learning retention.

3rd Review: Application in Real Environments

The final stage involves applying the learnt concepts in real-world environments. Depending on the course, this could range from exercises in SAP FIORI setups to creating labs in Odoo or downloading and using Power BI. This practical application demands a deeper understanding and adaptability, ensuring students are not only recalling but also adeptly applying their knowledge in practical settings.


Conclusion: Tutor10x's methodical approach to addressing the forgetting curve through structured reviews significantly enhances learning retention. By incorporating active engagement, comprehension challenges, and real-world application, Tutor10x ensures that IT education is not just about memorizing steps but truly understanding and applying knowledge effectively. This approach not only combats the natural tendency to forget but also prepares students for the practical challenges they will face in their careers, making it an invaluable asset to Australian higher education.

Tutor10x and the Forgetting Curve: A Structured Approach to Enhancing Learning Retention
Dr M. Motahar February 29, 2024
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