Bridging the Educational Divide: Lujin Manandhar's Academic Insights

January 31, 2024 by
Bridging the Educational Divide: Lujin Manandhar's Academic Insights
Dr M. Motahar


Lujin Manandhar, a first-year Bachelor of Information Technology student at King's Own Institute, shares his unique experiences with different learning methodologies. In this engaging dialogue, Lujin discusses the effectiveness of various educational materials and provides valuable feedback on the innovative Tutor10x platform. 

Key Insights from the Interview

Lujin Manandhar emphasizes the significance of adapting learning materials to suit diverse styles, advocating for resources that offer direct, interactive engagement to cater to various learner needs.

Learning Styles

Educational Gaps

He identifies gaps in the current educational system, particularly in providing hands-on, practical experience that aligns with real-world industry demands.

Lujin underscores the importance of interactive learning platforms, highlighting their ability to transform passive learning into a more engaging, practical, and effective process.

Interactive Learning

Proposed Solutions

Discussing Tutor10x, Lujin points to the potential of technology-driven solutions to bridge educational gaps, offering students more immersive and practical learning experiences.

He is optimistic about the impact of Tutor10x, praising its interactive approach and the platform's capacity to make learning more relevant and in tune with industry requirements.

Potential of Tutor10x

Conclusion and Future Outlook

Lujin Manandhar's reflections shed light on the current educational practices and the promising potential of interactive, technology-driven learning platforms like Tutor10x. His insights underline the importance of adaptive, student-centered learning environments that prepare students effectively for real-world challenges.

Bridging the Educational Divide: Lujin Manandhar's Academic Insights
Dr M. Motahar January 31, 2024
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