The Future of Learning: Insights from Samraat's Academic Journey

January 31, 2024 by
The Future of Learning: Insights from Samraat's Academic Journey
Dr M. Motahar


In this insightful conversation with Sam, a third-year Bachelor of Computer Science student majoring in Quantum Information Science at the University of Technology Sydney, we delve into his experiences with the educational system. Sam shares his views on tutorial effectiveness, learning resources, and the integration of technology in education.

Key Insights from the Interview

Sam highlights the shift from traditional PDF-based learning to more interactive and community-driven sessions. He praises the interactive nature of tutorials at UTS, emphasizing the use of online question boards and real-time student engagement. 

Learning Styles

Educational Gaps

Despite the advancements, Sam notes that certain subjects, especially in STEM fields, require more dynamic and practical learning methods than what PDFs can offer. He suggests that while PDFs are useful for theory-heavy subjects, they are less effective in applied, hands-on learning scenarios. 

Sam appreciates the use of large screens and step-by-step instructions during tutorials, rating them highly for their effectiveness in delivering structured content. However, he notes that for subjects requiring more dynamic learning, such as programming, this method may not be as effective

Interactive Learning

Proposed Solutions

Discussing the platform 'Tutorial10x,' Sam recognizes the potential of stimulation-based learning to enhance the educational experience. He sees value in the approach of integrating step-by-step interactive sessions to supplement traditional learning methods

While optimistic about the concept of Tutorial10x, Sam offers constructive feedback, suggesting improvements such as enabling or disabling the voice guidance and introducing a more intuitive user interface to streamline the learning process. 

Potential of Tutor10x

Conclusion and Future Outlook

Sam's insights offer a glimpse into the evolving landscape of education, where interactivity, technology integration, and adaptive learning methods play pivotal roles. His feedback on the proposed project, Tutorial10x, underscores the importance of continuous innovation and user-centric design in educational tools. 

The Future of Learning: Insights from Samraat's Academic Journey
Dr M. Motahar January 31, 2024
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